Anty Kalei's Onolicious Christmas Cookies

Anty Kalei's Onolicious Christmas Cookies

Charade Law

My Mother’s onolicious Christmas cookies are a five decades old tradition. At 89 years old she still bakes circles around me (Every. Single. Time)!

A newer (and easier!) tradition is picking up fun and fabulous stocking stuffers from Island Essence: Mermaid “sparkle” lotion and soaps for the kids,  aromatherapy oils (Pele’s oil is my favorite), lotions, potions and any-kine fun, useful stuff for everyone in your Ohana.

Mention “Anty” in the discount code box and receive       off your order. Email us at: if you have any questions or need assistance in choosing those stocking stuffers.

Hope your holiday season is a happy, safe (stress less as possible), and filled with sweet memories.

Anty Kalei


p.s.  Grandma English’s Christmas Cookie Recipe:

         1 lb. salted butter

1       cup sugar

          4 cups flour

          2 Tbs. rice flour

        ¼ tsp salt

-         In a separate bowl, mix together your flour and salt.

-         Blend butter in mixer and add sugar. Whip until creamy.

-          Gradually add flour mixture, beat thoroughly until mixture is consistent and doughy.

-         Roll dough into golf-ball size balls or gently mold into shapes and place them on a baking pan--decorate as you like!

-         Bake in oven 315 degrees for 30 minutes or until bottom is a light tan in color.

-         For even baking of cookies, bake in the middle of your oven

-         Cool down and enjoy!

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