Big Island Vanilla Body Butter and Loofah Soap Duo


The Fragrance: Warm, sensual, sweet with calming and uplifting effects.

The Story: Vanilla comes from a Vanilla Orchid, is a vine-like plant that grows up trees within 10-20 degrees of the equator. This is the world’s second most expensive spice and grows primarily in Central America and Tahiti. However, the Hawaiian Vanilla Company on the Big Island of Hawaii is the first commercial grower in the United States. Use the Big Island Vanilla Loofah Soap, followed by Big Island Vanilla Body Butter for an evocative, feel-good sensation with a twist of coconut.

Ingredients Spotlight: Please see individual items for full product details.

Collection Includes: This Maui Organics Collection includes a 4oz Big Island Vanilla Body Butter and 4.5oz Loofah Soap.

***Packaging:  Due to post-Covid shortages and shipping delays, there may be times when we may need to use different packaging.  Please accept our apologies if this is necessary.  

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