Local Pikake Lei Candle


Local Pikake Lei Travel Candle infused with Maile is perfect if you want to experience the floral gorgeousness of sweet-smelling leis up to your chin!

The Candle Island Essence travel candles are created with candle wax from Oahu and blended with Hawaiian fragrance oils.   Paradise awaits wherever you are—enjoy at home or tuck in your suitcase to travel!

The Fragrance: Pikake is complex, sweet, strong and floral, while Maile is fresh and green as a rainforest

The Story: Princess Kaiulani loved Pikake so much that the Hawaiian name for the flower came from the princess’ favorite bird, the peacock. Pikake makes highly coveted leis and is also commonly used in wedding bouquets. The bright fragrance of Pikake, also known as tuberose, is one of Hawaii’s signature scents.

List of Ingredients Paraffin Wax, Candle Fragrance, Colorant

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