Orchid & Lavender Collection with Soy Candle, Creme and Soap


The Collection:  This beautiful selection includes a 5.75oz Haleakala Soy Candle in Sea Salt Orchid, an 8.5oz Hawaiian Lavender Orchid Body Creme, and a 5oz Lavender Shea Soap.  All items handcrafted on Maui, with Aloha.  If you are gifting this, and would like us to include a hand-written note, please enter details in the note box on checkout.

The Fragrance:  Fragrance:  the fresh, floral and herbaceous smell of Lavender is balanced with the sweet, exotic, jasmine-like fragrance of Orchid in this collection.

The Story:  Though it is a mystery as to how Lavender migrated to Hawaii, it has been a beloved plant to many on the islands. The history of Lavender on Hawaii goes as far back as 1849 with a recorded mention lavender water as an item in a shipment to Hawaii.  Queen Liliuokalani, Hawaii’s last monarch, was also a fan—as she noted growing lavender in her garden. Lavender seems to thrive in certain Hawaiian microclimates—particularly the upcountry slopes of Haleakala on Maui.

The Details:  The Haleakala Sea Salt & Orchid Soy Candle is hand poured in Maui, by a local artisan.  This high quality candle not only smells delightful, but is presented in a glass jar and topped with a bamboo lid engraved with the island of Maui. 


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