Refill--Vintage Plumeria Mist Cologne


The Cologne:  Vintage Plumeria Cologne celebrates the golden era of Hawaii and the beautiful Plumeria flower. Beautifully packaged in elegant Hawaiiana boxes, this cologne is alcohol free, long lasting and not drying to the skin.  Use a light mist and allow the exotic plumeria fragrance to transport you to our island paradise.

The Fragrance:  Plumeria is soft, sweet, fruity and floral.

The Story:  Also known as Frangipane, Plumeria is the iconic lei flower of Hawaii. Our island girls are known for plucking Plumeria blossoms straight off the tree and tucking them behind their ears...right for available, left for taken!

Ingredient Spotlight: Belsol: Added by our custom fragrance company in place of alcohol to stabilize the fragrance.

Ingredients: Belsol and Botanical Fragrance

Refill Option:  Save the planet and order refills for your original Vintage Cologne bottle, or use your own bottle/decanter.  Refills are offered in 4oz amber glass bottles with screw caps.

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