Chocolate Island Mango Gift Basket


The Collection:  This beautiful collection includes a handcrafted Hawaiian Dark Chocolate 70% Cacao Bar, a 2oz Island Mango Hand Spray with 63% Maui Alcohol, and an 8oz Island Mango Liquid Hand Soap--all presented in a bow-tied authentic Hawaiian Lauhala gift basket.

The Chocolate: The Hawaiian Milk Chocolate bar is crafted from hand selected beans sourced from quality cacao producers across the Kona and Hilo regions of Hawaii Island (the Big Island). This luscious Hawaiian treat is crafted in a Belgium/Swiss style of chocolate making that uses milk to bring out a creamy, caramel mouthfeel and flavor.  Each bar is crafted from ethically sourced cacao and the highest quality ingredients. 2.1oz.

The Island Mango Hand Spray & Liquid Soap: Now boosted with 63% ethyl alcohol and infused with Organically Grown Aloe Vera Gel, this fragrant 2oz hand spray will inactivate viruses, refresh, nourish, purify and cleanse the hands without water. Shortlisted by Hawaii Magazine as a, "Must-Have Hand Sanitizer."  The antibacterial qualities of the 8oz Liquid Hand Soap is infused with Island Mango fragrance and will refresh, nourish, purify and cleanse the hands . 

The Island Mango Fragrance: Sweet, fruity, tropical, juicy (mango), with a hint of nuttiness (coconut)

The Story of Cacao: Hawaii is the only state in the U.S. with a climate appropriate for cultivating the tropical fruit tree Theobroma Cacao. Bean to Bar is a movement in the chocolate industry where the finest quality dried beans are crafted into chocolate under one roof.  As well as emphasizing quality over quantity, bean to bar chocolate makers like Manoa are defined by direct trade with cacao farms across the world, paying socially responsible prices.

Details:  See individual listings for more details.

Free Gift Card Option:  On request, we are happy to include a free handwritten gift card--simply enter your message in the note section on checkout.  You can also choose if you prefer an "Aloha" card or a "Mele Kalikimaka" card. 

Sending to a Friend:  We are happy to send any gift(s) directly to the recipient, but each gift needs to be a separate order so the correct shipping and shipping details are applied.  There will be no pricing enclosed with the gift--just a packing slip (no prices).


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