Maui Honu 22oz Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle/Flask

$29.99 $39.99

The Water Bottle:  This vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottle is engraved with Maui and its honu or sea turtles--perfect to enjoy your favorite beverage with a positive message.  Drinks Stay Hot or Cold up to 24 hours: Double-walled, vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottle comes with a drinking spout and available in Dark Blue.  22oz.

The Story of the Honu:  The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle is the only indigenous reptile found in Hawaii, but for Hawaiians, the Honu is a symbol of good luck in the form of a guardian spirit, or Amakua. The Honu pattern is depicted in ancient petroglyphs as well as in modern graphic form. For Hawaiians then and now, the Honu represents the navigator, and the eternal link between man, the land and the sea.

The Details:  These water bottles are engraved in Molokai.  Engraving is permanent, but it is not recommended for dishwasher use. Please hand wash. All water bottles are boxed.

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