Daniel Sullivan "The Kings Highway" Fine Art Print


Fine Art Photography Print of "The Kings Highway,"  an image of the sun setting near Kahikinui, available in different sizes.  "The Kings Highway" is also featured on the cover of The Maui Coast Book by Daniel Sullivan available in different sizes.

Maui's southeast district of Kahikinui was known in early times as a kua'aina, a word to describe a remote, unforgiving land. The Hawaiians, who lived there, had to be particularly skilled to survive. This portion of land remains undeveloped and is an archaeological treasure trove of ancient trails, houses, agricultural fields, shrines and temples.  

Kahikinui means "The Family of Big Tahiti," and is thought to be the place where the original Polynesians came ashore in Hawaii.

Daniel Sullivan, an award-winning photographer based in Maui, explores the the diverse, unique landscape of breathtaking waterfalls, multicolored beaches and the rich cultural heritage of Hawaii. 

"Colour plays and important role in my photography. It has the ability to engage the spirit, illuminate light and energy, and transcend the moment."  Daniel Sullvian

Daniel Sullivan has a gallery in Maui, and his works are displayed around the world.  He also offers bespoke photography tours on Maui, helping his students hone their skills in the field to photograph turtles on the beach, massive waterfalls, taro patches and vestiges of ancient Hawaii.

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