Daniel Sullivan "The Maui Coast Legacy of the Kings Highway" Book


Daniel Sullivan's new book "The Maui Coast Legacy of the King's Highway" chronicles Daniel Sullivan's 200 mile hike around the coast of Maui in search of the ancient King's Highway. With over 200 pages of Maui Photographs and forward by W.S. Merwin.

Photographer Daniel Sullivan endured a blistering 220-mile hike to document Hawaii's ancient King's Highway, a landmark withering away with time that he hopes to immortalize with his remarkable images. 

He crossed sheer cliffs, battled white water and dense jungle to uncover the amazing island scenery of the King's Highway, which was built over 500 years ago by King Pi'ilani who ruled the island during the 16th Century. 

This is a stunning book cataloguing Daniel's journey and the jaw-dropping beauty of Maui and will be treasured by anyone who has visited Maui and has fallen in love.  

Daniel Sullivan is an award-winning photographer based in Maui, with his works displayed worldwide.

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