Hawaiian Coconut Candle


Hawaiian Coconut Candle - is the one for an intense Hawaiian fragrance experience - palm trees swaying, sand between your toes, and a freshly split coconut or Pina Colada in hand!

The Candle Island Essence travel candles are created with candle wax from Oahu and blended with Hawaiian fragrance oils.  Paradise awaits wherever you are—enjoy at home or tuck in your suitcase to travel!

The Fragrance: Mildly nutty, fresh, creamy, sweet and soft

The Story: Close your eyes and think of Hawaii:  we are pretty certain your image includes coconut trees swaying over white sandy beaches lapped by blue waves! Coconut trees were absolutely vital to ancient Polynesians as building material, food, drink, and medicine. Anty Kalei writes “In ancient Hawaiian tradition, a coconut was planted when a child was born. A he’e, octopus, was often placed in the bottom of the hole where the coconut was to be planted. Besides being used as fertilizer, legend was that the octopus would help the tree’s roots spread and grip the soil; to hold firm, even through windy storms.”  Read more in Anty Kalei’s blog, Voyaging Plants of Ancient Hawaiians: Niu (Coconut)

List of Ingredients Paraffin Wax, Candle Fragrance, Colorant

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