Hawaiian Coconut Body Butter and Loofah Soap Duo


The Fragrance: Mildly nutty, fresh, creamy, sweet and soft.

The Story: Close your eyes and think of Hawaii:  we are pretty certain your image includes coconut trees swaying over white sandy beaches lapped by blue waves! Coconut trees were absolutely vital to ancient Polynesians as building material, food, drink, and medicine. Transport yourself to Hawaii with Hawaiian Coconut Loofah Soap and the Body Butter -- palm trees swaying, sand between your toes, and a freshly split coconut or pina colada in hand!

Ingredients Spotlight: Please see individual items for full product details.

Collection Includes: This Maui Organics Collection includes a 4oz Hawaiian Coconut Body Butter and 4.5oz Loofah Soap.

***Packaging:  Due to post-Covid shortages and shipping delays, there may be times when we may need to use different packaging.  Please accept our apologies if this is necessary.  

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