Island Mango Candle


Island Mango Candle is luscious and bursting with the fragrance of sultry, tropical nights!

The Candle:  Island Essence travel candles are created with candle wax from Oahu and blended with Hawaiian fragrance oils.  Paradise awaits wherever you are—enjoy at home or tuck in your suitcase to travel!  4 oz.

The Fragrance : Sweet, fruity, tropical, juicy (mango), with a hint of nuttiness (coconut).

The Story: Brought over by a Filipino ship captain in 1824, Hawaii now grows 500 different varieties of mangoes. Hawaiians genuinely love mangoes, and between May and October, the islands are taken over by Mango Fever.  Island mangoes are best bought in local farmers markets, and enjoyed dripping down your chin-fresh or in salsas, sauces, cheesecakes, etc.—very ono!

List of Ingredients Paraffin Wax, Candle Fragrance, Colorant

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