Hawaii Flora & Fauna Job's Tears Triple Strand


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The Job's Tears Triple Strand Lei: 

Jobs Tears Scientific Name: Coix lacryma-jobi

This plant is found in a variety of valleys and roadsides on Maui. It is a part of the grass family and produces these seeds in shades from white to grey.  The seeds of this plant are commonly used for rosaries and ornamental beads. This triple strand lei is the loveliest gift to share with a special person. 

The Story:  Legend says that in his grief for the many agonies he endured, Job wept 'tears unto God'. And they weren't wasted for, as his tears fell to the ground, a miracle happened. The tears were as seed which sprouted and grew into a tall, luxuriant growth of rare beauty. 

Dried Leis:  Leis come in many shapes and forms--not always a fresh flower lei. By working with seed, berries, and various plants a dried lei can take its shape creating bespoke, natural jewelry. All materials are sustainably harvested and foraged from the island of Maui, Hawai’i.

The Coconut Flower Lei: Coconut trees are prolific in Hawaii many of which need to be constantly trimmed so the coconut does not produce. By partnering locally with various arborists, coconut flowers are collected and turned into a beautiful, everlasting lei.

Order Fulfillment:  Because Flora & Fauna leis need to be foraged and harvested, and most lei are made to order, please allow at least a week to produce these bespoke leis. 

Shelf Life:  Flora & Fauna leis are completely dried and will last forever. 

Shipping:  Shipping via Fedex is included.  Please enter phone number when ordering.

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