Maile Rainforest & Milk Chocolate Gift Basket


Enjoy the scents of the Hawaiian Rainforest while tasting a delicious Hawaiian milk chocolate bar. 

The Maile Rainforest & Milk Chocolate Gift Basket contains a full-size Maile Body Wash, Face & Body Mist, Travel Candle and a Manoa Milk Chocolate Bar housed in a lauhala gift basket.

The Body Wash: Our Hawaiian Maile Body Wash will turn your daily washing regimen into a beautifully fragrant and nourishing experience. Close your eyes and conjure up showering under a waterfall in the middle of a rainforest!

The Face & Body Mist:  A superior mist created with very powerful papaya, bamboo and grapefruit seed extracts as well as exotic fragrance oil. Spray on your face and body (or in the environment) anytime for rejuvenation, skin hydration and sheer enjoyment of the intoxicating fragrance of Maile! 

The Travel Candle: Take the intoxicating scent of Maile wherever you go with this beautiful candle. 3-4 hours of fragrant burning time with each candle. Our candles are hand poured in a tin container with a lid.

The Chocolate: The Hawaiian Milk Chocolate bar is crafted from hand selected beans sourced from quality cacao producers across the Kona and Hilo regions of Hawaii Island (the Big Island). This luscious Hawaiian treat is crafted in a Belgium/Swiss style of chocolate making that uses milk to bring out a creamy, caramel mouthfeel and flavor. Each bar is crafted from ethically sourced cacao and the highest quality ingredients.

The Story: The rarest Hawaiian lei is not made with flowers, but is made with maile leaves from the vine Alyxia stellata. Maile is only found deep in the rainforests of Hawaii. Although worn by commoners and royalty alike, Maile was also the chosen sacrificial offering to the goddess of hula, Laka. Hawaiians believed Maile would offer protection, bestow a natural perfume, bring good luck, treat cuts and promote good rest when put under a pillow.

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