Maui Coffee Artisan Blend & Aloha Mug


The Set:  Maui Artisan Coffee Blend and an Aloha mug--what better way to start your day?

The Coffee: This is a 12oz bag of ground Columbian French Roast, City Roasts and 10% Maui coffee.  This lively morning coffee blend is roasted just down the street from the Island Essence factory in Maui. In the Hawaiian language, "oma" means roast.  If you have visited Maui before, you probably have had Maui Oma coffee as they make the proprietary blends for Mama's Fish House, Longhi's, Meriimans and Leoda's, as well as many others.  Maui Oma does small batch roasting and uses only the highest quality coffee beans, perfectly suited to a Hawaiian Lifestyle--whether you are at Jaws, overlooking a Haleakala sunrise, or in your home or office, dreaming of Maui.

Taste Profile: A lively cup of morning coffee.  Well balanced with hints of dark chocolate, allspice, and plum.

The Story: Hawaii is the only state in the union that is in the coffee belt where the warm temperature allow the coffee trees to flourish.  Maui Oma Coffee Roasting Company was founded in 1993. Maui Oma was established to create individual coffee programs for restaurants and cafes throughout Hawaii with the emphasis being to create single origin varietals using 100% Hawaiian coffees as well as developing proprietary blends for Hawaii’s finest chefs.  To this day, Maui Oma considers itself a small to medium size roasting company paying attention to quality and freshness in every step--masterfully roasting the best Hawaiian grown coffees and creating 100% Hawaiian and artisan blends.

The Aloha Mug:  This Hawaiian Wine/Drinks Tumber in white is engraved with Aloha--perfect to enjoy your favorite beverage with a positive message.  Drinks Stay Hot or Cold: Double-walled, vacuum insulated stainless steel tumbler comes with a standard lid to sip from or use a straw.  Available in White or Sky Blue.

Father's Day:  Please note if your gift is a Father's Day gift, and we will finish the basket with a Father's Day gift tag.

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