Maui Pineapple Body Butter and Loofah Duo


Celebrates the signature fruit of Hawaii that is still being grown in the golden fields of Hailemaile....juicy, delectable gorgeousness!

The Fragrance: Pineapple is sweet, juicy and fresh; Sweet Orange adds an uplifting zesty note.

The Story: Mention Pineapple and most of us think of Hawaii!  Hawaii used to provide 80% of the world’s pineapples. The iconic fruit is still grown on Oahu and there is a small operation on Maui.  The pineapple heyday in Hawaii is no longer - but the tropical pineapple still symbolizes Hawaii from tropical cocktail garnishes to our very own Maui Pineapple Lotion with Sweet Orange.

Ingredient Spotlight:

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Collection Includes:  This Maui Organics Collection includes a 4oz Maui Pineapple Body Butter and 4.5oz Loofah Soap.

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