Oneloa Golden Pineapple Tote Bag


Upholstery-weight exterior fabric, lined with heavy duty canvas. There are two large interior pockets. This durable bag has so many uses - from an overnight bag to a beach bag to a diaper bag. The possibilities are endless!  This warm Golden Pineapple design recalls the sunny, vintage Hawaiian days when the fields were filled with the islands' signature fruit, providing 80% of the world's pineapples.  

Golden Pineapple is offered in a small and large wet/dry bag as well as the tote.

Oneloa is a family-run company here on the island of Maui. Oneloa designs a collection of wet/dry bag and tote bags that are both practical and beautiful.  Oneloa is Hawaiian for “long, sandy beach,” and much of their inspiration comes from the vibrant colors, landscape, and lifestyle of the islands. They take pride in providing a unique and quality handmade product.

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