Hawaii Flora & Fauna Palm Seed Lei with Tulipwood


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The Palm Seed Lei with Tulipwood:

Palm Seed Calyx (Foxtail Palm). Scientific Name: Wodyetia bifurcata

Australian Tulipwood. Scientific Name: Harpullia pendula

Dried Foxtail palm seed calyx  with an Australian Tulipwood accent, makes for a stunning dried lei.

Dried Leis:  Leis come in many shapes and forms--not always a fresh flower lei. By working with seed, berries, and various plants a dried lei can take its shape creating bespoke, natural jewelry. All materials are sustainably harvested and foraged from the island of Maui, Hawai’i.

The Coconut Flower Lei: Coconut trees are prolific in Hawaii many of which need to be constantly trimmed so the coconut does not produce. By partnering locally with various arborists, coconut flowers are collected and turned into a beautiful, everlasting lei.

Order Fulfillment:  Because Flora & Fauna leis need to be foraged and harvested, and most lei are made to order, please allow at least a week to produce these bespoke leis. 

Shelf Life:  Flora & Fauna leis are completely dried and will last forever. 

Shipping:  Shipping via Fedex is included.  Please enter phone number when ordering.

Hawaii Flora Fauna: Flora & Fauna grew from a lifelong hobby and passion of owner, Lauren Shearer. Born and raised in Maui, she grew up surrounded by Hawaii’s floral backdrop and rich culture, practicing the tradition of lei making.

However, once she realized that almost all flowers, plants, and animals that surround us can be used to make lei, she began to experiment and has not stopped. By moving beyond the comfort zone of standard lei flowers, she has discovered a process that both pays homage to tradition of the craft and also creates a modern vision for lei. 

Lauren’s mission is to create awareness of the natural world around us, wherever we go. This has led to the creation of a custom lei making business, in which she draws inspiration from surrounding flora and fauna in all stages of development to create wearable art.

Press: "Hawaii Flora + Fauna, crafts innovative, inventive lei in a style that makes them seem more like a necklace than traditional floral design.” Maui No Ka Oi Magazine. "Her use of lustrous seeds, waxy leaves and the high gloss of anthurium plays tricks on the eye, the flora resembling bits of Bakelite, turquoise or coral — giving her lei an unusual and distinctly modern feel." New York Times Style Magazine. “Lauren Shearer’s exquisite garlands are the ultimate fashion accessory. The Maui-born and -raised artist turns every available flower, seed, and leaf into a creative expression of beauty." Maui Magazine

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