Pineapple Oneloa Collection with Soap and Candle


The Collection:  This includes a Maui Pineapple Confetti Soap and Travel Candle presented in an Oneloa Pineapple small, splashproof bag.  This fun collection is perfect for yourself or to gift to others.  We will include a handwritten gift card on request--simply add to your notes on checkout!

The Fragrance: Pineapple is sweet, juicy and fresh; Sweet Orange adds an uplifting zesty note.

The Story: Mention Pineapple and most of us think of Hawaii!  Hawaii used to provide 80% of the world’s pineapples.
The iconic fruit is still grown on Oahu and also as a small operation in Maui.  The pineapple heyday in Hawaii is no longer - but the tropical pineapple still symbolizes Hawaii from tropical cocktail garnishes to our very own Maui Pineapple Lotion with Sweet Orange.

The Details:  5oz Pineapple Confetti Soap and 4oz Pineapple Candle from our Maui Organics collection, please find full details on original listings.  The Pineapple Oneloa Wet/Dry Bag is a heavy duty plastic-lined wet/dry bag.  Perfect for keeping your stuff dry at beach or pool.  Need a place to put your wet bathing suit or workout clothes?  These bags are great for that!  One of our favorite uses is for traveling.  People also love to store their toiletries and make-up in these multi-purpose bags. Size is 6' x 9.'  Oneloa is a family-run company here on the island of Maui.


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