Plumeria & Pearls Gift Collection


The Plumeria & Pearls Collection:  This delightful gift is sure to please with the exquisite Tahitian Pearl hoops, handcrafted strawberry bean to bar chocolate from Oahu, and the sweetly scented Upcountry Plumeria Hand Lotion and Hand Spray.  All Hawaiian treats are in an authentic Lauhala gift basket.

 The Tahitian Pearl Earrings:  This beautiful pair of earrings features a 2cm gold filled hoop with a dangling Tahitian pearl, harvested off the island of Mo'orea in Tahiti, and created into earrings on Maui.

The Mailina Story: The designer's goal is to create jewelry you don't have to take off when you shower or do certain activities. That is why we LOVE these hoops. We love to keep our 2cm hoops in while we go surfing, and hopefully you will enjoy these earrings as much as we do.

The Strawberry White Chocolate Bar:  This is a small batch seasonal bar available in limited quantities.  Treat yourself or someone you know to a decadent strawberry white chocolate bar sprinkled with roasted cacao nibs.  The Island Essence team have sampled this specialty chocolate and everyone rates it as 5 stars and worth the calories! 2.1oz, made in Oahu.

The Plumeria Hand Cleansing Spray & Lotion Duo:  Our "Upcountry Plumeria Cleansing Spray and hand lotion--each 2oz, are perfect for your purse or flight bag to keep your hands clean and moisturized while you are on the go.  Made in Maui by Island Essence.

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