Square Bamboo Soap Dish


The Dish:  Natural wood soap dish made from sustainable bamboo in a fun square shape.  A soap dish will increase the life of any bar soap, elevating it so it doesn't sit in a pool of excess water.  A bamboo soap dish is a perfect addition to your bathroom and kitchen--just add one of our Island Essence handcrafted soaps to complete the look!

The Story:  Bamboo grows throughout the Hawaiian islands and many consider it to be somewhat of a miracle plant!  It is the fastest growing woody plant on earth, it is beautiful, and it has literally thousands of uses.   Bamboo has been used for building materials, weapons, food, fuel, and musical instruments to name just a few.  Bamboo is also a renewable resource, growing  widely in tropical settings up to a foot a day!  In Hawaii, bamboo was one of the "canoe plants" that the first Polynesian settlers brought with them from their home islands in the South Pacific. Early Hawaiians employed bamboo for everything from nose flutes to house frames, water carriers to kapa fabric stamps, knives to irrigation troughs.  Aesthetically, the clacking stems and whispering leaves of the bamboo and the beauty of bamboo is both mystical and inspirational. 

The Details:  How to Use: The 3 open slats quickly drains away water. Use in the kitchen or bath- great for smaller spaces or shampoo bars.  Product Dimensions: Size: 3.25x3.25x0.5 in. Weight: 1.5   Care Instructions: Soap can build up on the soap deck over time. Use a scrub brush to periodically clean out the grooves. In between soap bars, allow it to fully air dry on a dry towel. Wood is naturally antimicrobial, but if you need to clean your soap dish, clean with vinegar. It is not recommended to put in the dishwasher.  Source:  Island Essence curated this item from a company in Nevada.

*Also offered as part of a Loofah soap gift collection set!


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