Plumeria Skin Care - A Quick Guide To the Benefits and Uses of Plumeria

If you're curious to learn about plumeria skin care, you may already be familiar with plumeria, especially since it is Hawaii’s most iconic symbol used for leis. The flower can be put on your hair for adornment or over your ear to show whether you are taken (over your left ear) or single (over your right ear). But most of all, plumeria boasts a great fragrance!

That in mind, let’s take a look at the benefits of using plumeria skin care products that contain plumeria fragrance oils in this quick guide.


Also known as frangipani, plumeria is a member of the dogbane (Apocynaceae) family. It can be found in Central America, the Caribbean, and other places with tropical climates, such as the Hawaiian Islands. They are large flowers varying in red, yellow, or white that usually bloom in the summer and fall. Its fragrance is also long-lasting. That’s why it has become a favorite addition to cosmetic products, including perfumes, skin creams, and lotions.


Plumeria Fragrance is a Great Choice for Romance

Fun fact: plumeria is actually associated with love in the traditional practice of feng shui. This is mainly because the plumeria fragrance is very seductive, creating an aura of romance. This sensual flower is also mainly linked to femininity, thereby making it popular with women.

Plumerias Have Relaxing Properties

The fragrance oil from plumerias has plenty of calming properties that reduces the negative effects brought by stress. This, in turn, uplifts the mood of the inhaler, instilling a sense of peace and harmony.

Use Plumeria Skin Care Products for a Boost of Positive Self-Esteem

A boosted self esteem is a welcome byproduct of an uplifted mood. That’s why using plumeria skin care products that contain plumeria fragrance oil is a good idea, in order to lighten your mood and promote positive self-esteem.

Plumeria Oils Can Be Sleep Inducing

Having trouble falling asleep? Then allow the plumeria fragrance oil to calm your mind and give you the rest you’ve been craving. Plumerias are known to have a sedative effect that relieves your stress and lets you sleep.



Due to its many benefits, there are many products that use plumeria fragrance oil. For instance, lotions. There are rich, hydrating lotions like Island Essences’ Upcountry Plumeria Lotion, made with top-quality and organic ingredients in Maui. Here, the addition of the soft, sweet, and floral fragrance of plumeria gives users a chance to enjoy the benefits of plumeria fragrance oil while moisturizing.

Body Butter

Next on our list of plumeria skin care products, we have a body butter that you can use to moisturize after a day in the sun. With the addition of plumeria, you can also enjoy its relaxing effects after a fun day at the beach or outdoor activities. In this case, Island Essence’s Upcountry Plumeria Body Butter is the perfect blend of moisturizing and relaxing at the end of your day spent under the sun.


Yes, you can also enjoy plumeria fragrance oil in soap products such as Island Essence’s Upcountry Plumeria Loofah Soap. While gently cleansing your skin, you can enjoy the great fragrance of plumeria, further relaxing you while you shower or take a long bath.


Experience the many benefits offered by plumeria with Island Essences’ plumeria products. Browse our wide selection of handcrafted products from Maui, Hawaii, today!