Maui Organics Gift Collection
Vintage Plumeria Gift Collection
Vintage Passionfruit & Lime Gift Collection
Royal Ali'i Coconut Gift Collection
Hawaiian Lavender Collection
Royal Hawaiian Collection
Maile Rainforest Collection
On sale
Naupaka Collection with Hawaiian Gift Basket
Plumeria Collection
Lemongrass & Rosemary Hand Spray & Mask Collection
Ocean Passion Hand Spray & Mask Collection
Lavender Peppermint Hand Spray & Mask Collection
Men's Gift Set
Men’s Tropical Lime & Patchouli Collection
Hawaiian Lavender Hand Spray & Lotion Duo
Hawaiian Coconut Hand Spray & Lotion Duo
Island Mango Hand Spray & Lotion Duo
Trio - Hand Cleansing Spray with 63% Alcohol (Lavender, Lemongrass & Rosemary, Hawaiian Coconut)
Tamanu Nut Oil & Soap Gift Collection with Bag
Coconut Oil & Soap Gift Collection with Bag
Kukui Nut Oil & Soap Gift Collection with Bag
Island Mango Gift Set w/ Oneloa Coral Bag
Hawaiian Coconut Gift Set w/ Oneloa Black Tropical Leaf Small Bag
Hawaiian Lavender Gift Set w/ Oneloa Blue Tropical Leaf Small Bag
Vintage Body Wash and Premium Body Oil Gift Collection
Vintage Body Lotion and Premium Body Oil Gift Collection
Tamanu Nut Healing Oil & Soap
Kukui Nut Nourishing Oil & Soap
Coconut Oil & Soap
Maui Organics Body Butter and Loofah Duo - In 8 Fragrances
Tropical Flavors Body Polish Trio
Tropical Flowers Body Polish Trio
Volcanic Charcoal Collection
On sale
Kai (Ocean) Hawaiian Aromatherapy Revitalizing Oil & Mist
On sale
Mana (Air/Spirit) Hawaiian Aromatherapy Uplifting Oil & Mist Duo
On sale
Aina (Earth) Hawaiian Aromatherapy Grounding Oil & Mist
Pele (Fire) Hawaiian Aromatherapy Energizing Oil & Mist
On sale
Island Coffee Soap Collection
Maui Organics Confetti Mini Soap Collection
Naturals Unscented Mini Soap Collection
Lauhala Gift Basket w/ Ribbon & Handwritten Card

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