Key Benefits and Uses of Aromatherapy Oils

Aromatherapy thrives on our sense of smell and works through the skin. Some scents can trigger a strong effect on our moods. Specific smells can spark a particular feeling or trigger memories. More so, certain fragrances are known for their mood-calming effects, while others are known for their energizing impacts.  

Aromatherapy is a type of holistic therapy that relies on using natural plant extracts, often in the form of essential oils, such as the Kai (Ocean) Hawaiian Aromatherapy Revitalizing Mist to stimulate emotional well-being and physical health. This form of therapy isn't new, with its roots reaching back as far as 3500 BC.--thankfully Aromatherapy is still popular and available today. 

How do Aromatherapy Oils Work 

Aromatherapy oils can stimulate the olfactory system, act as a respiratory disinfectant and as a decongestant. As the molecules of the scented oils travel from the mouth and nose to the brain, they stimulate the limbic system which is connected to blood pressure, stress, heart rate, emotions, and other key functions of the body. This is one of the things that make aromatherapy oils effective in the improvement of mood and sense of well-being. 

Aromatherapy oils can also have an impact on the hypothalamus which may react to the oil stimulating brain chemicals such as serotonin to create a euphoric feeling. More so, when you apply aromatherapy oils on your skin and body parts like joints, during massage for example,, they can be very effective.  

Benefits of Using Aromatherapy Oils 

Aromatherapy oils are either used alone instead of conventional medicine or used alongside conventional medicine or other forms of treatment as a complementary therapy. However, aromatherapy shouldn’t be a complete replacement for medical treatment. 

Aromatherapy oils have proven to be effective in the treatment of numerous mental and physical conditions. You can use aromatherapy oils to:

  • Improve sleep quality
  • Soothe achy joints
  • Boost immunity
  • Aid menstrual problems
  • Soothe psoriasis
  • Fight bacteria, viruses, and fungi
  • Stimulate digestion
  • Lift mood
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Relieve pain
  • Treat headaches and migraine
  • Ease some of the side effects of cancer treatment, such as pain and nausea

BONUS TIP: If you’re wondering where to get pure aromatherapy oils made from safe, food-grade plant extracts, we’ve compiled a simple list for you. Here are some of the best products to get started:    

Mana Hawaiian Aromatherapy Mist

Kai (Ocean) Revitalizing Aromatherapy Mist

Aina (Earth) Aromatherapy Grounding Mist

Mana (Air/Spirit) Aromatherapy Uplifting Oil

Aina (Earth) Aromatherapy Grounding Oil

Pele (Fire) Aromatherapy Energizing Oil 

How To Use Aromatherapy Oils

The two key methods of using aromatherapy oils are inhalation and topical application. You’re not expected to drink aromatherapy oils! 


If you’re interested in using aromatherapy oils through inhalation, you can get a diffuser and use it to evaporate the oils into the air or simply use an Aromatherapy Mist. You can as well mix aromatherapy oils with water so you can use it in a spritzer bottle. Even more, you can drop the oils in your bathwater. 

Topical Application 

Aromatherapy Oils are excellent for use as massage oils. First, you may have to dilute the product or mix the oils in creams and lotions. Massaging aromatherapy oil into the skin this way can enhance circulation.