Best Refillable Beauty Products from Hawaii

Being a state abundant with nature and a rich culture that places importance on the environment, it’s no surprise that Hawaii is big on eco-friendliness. The state adopted renewable energy sources to power the islands. It has even exceeded the mandate that 30% of electricity generation must come from renewable sources by 2020. Now, 34.5% of the power generated in the islands comes from alternative sources.

Not only that but one of the leading industries in Hawaii prioritizes being environmentally conscious: eco-tourism. Because having a richly diverse ecosystem also means that it’s pretty fragile. So for people to continue appreciating the islands, locals and visitors alike are encouraged to care for it. And Malama Aina is also at the forefront of many local Hawaiian businesses like Island Essence.

Island Essence and Sustainability

We at Island Essence thrive because of the land. The rich volcanic soil of the Hawaiian islands produces uniquely beautiful plants. And the essences of these plants have an incredibly potent effect on our bodies. Each natural ingredient we use benefits our bodies from the inside out. And when we nourish our bodies from the inside, we reap the benefits. The glow shows. We try to use natural ingredients from Hawaii, whenever possible. And so, we take the concept of Malama Aina to heart as well. Because taking care of the land also means that we get to continue thriving and being blessed by its bounty.

That’s why we launched our Eco Refills line. It’s our way of advocating for a zero-waste lifestyle while also giving more to our customers. So instead of ordering another single-use bottle of an Island Essence product, customers can buy their favorites in a refill gallon bottle of the product instead. Eco Refills come in two sizes, 64 oz, and 128 oz., and these refills can last for months, with a year shelf life.  Every eco-refill also comes with a complimentary bottle of the original-sized product for refilling. It’s a win-win on all fronts: customers save more by buying in bulk, and they don’t need to throw out their old empty bottles but instead reuse them. As a result, we use fewer resources and money in producing more containers for our products, and we retain the loyalty of our eco-minded customers.

Best refillable beauty products from Hawaii

Best Refillable Beauty Products from Hawaii - Island Essence

With Island Essence, you can keep a healthy glowing appearance while also helping save the planet. So which of our products have available refills?

Hand cleansing sprays and liquid hand soap

While the world slowly recovers from the COVID crisis, maintaining hand hygiene is still a must. And in our bid to make the world a cleaner place, we’ve also included refills for our hand hygiene products. Our hand cleansing spray with 63% alcohol and our antibacterial liquid hand soap has eco refills available.

Maui Miracle Oils

One of our favorites, the Maui Miracle oils line consists of four miracle ingredients found here in Hawaii: the Coconut, Kukui nut, Moringa, and Tamanu nut. Each one has potent effects that will soothe, nourish, hydrate, and heal our skin. Each of our Maui miracle oils now come in eco refill gallons of 64 oz.

Maui Organics Lotion

For skincare buffs, lotions are understated essentials in a routine. And for those who want a long-lasting Hawaiian fragrance on their body without the stickiness, Maui Organics Lotion is the best one. Our Maui organics lotion comes in eight tropical fragrances. And that means we have eco refills for each fragrance!

Vintage Line

Our Vintage line is the complete body care set: lotions, body washes, body oils, and shampoos. Everything you need for a head-to-toe cleansing and nourishing routine! These are a favorite of our customers, which means we also have refills for each product in this line.

Be the change you want to see! Adopt a zero-waste lifestyle and treat yourself to the best refillable beauty products from Hawaii, courtesy of Island Essence. Check out our shop here for more Hawaiian-made beauty essentials.