5 Amazing Skin Benefits of Coconut Oil

Wondering about the benefits of coconut oil for your skin? 

Coconut oil is known worldwide for being an effective massage oil, a hair tonic and also, an edible oil. Furthermore, in many tropical regions of the world - where coconuts are common - coconut oil is used as one of the most preferred skin care products. In fact, did you know that coconut oils are used as sunscreens in some countries to protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun? 

Interestingly, coconut oil has proven to be more effective than artificial sunscreen products. More so, the impact of this oil is long-lasting on the skin. That said, here are the top 5 benefits of coconut oil

Coconut Oil Benefits

5 Skin Care Benefits of Coconut Oil

Here are the key benefits of coconut oil as a skin care product: 

  • Benefits of Coconut Oil as An Exfoliant 

  • Coconut oil is effective as an exfoliant. All you have to do is add some coconut oil with other grainy or exfoliating materials such as salt and sugar to significantly enhance the exfoliating process. Exfoliation can help you eradicate excess dead skins and abolish impurities that block pores without triggering any skin irritation. The calming nature of the blend of coconut oil and grainy exfoliating materials leaves your skin flawless with closed pores, soft texture, as well as an even color. 

  • Benefits of Coconut Oil as Skin Softener 

  • You can use coconut oil as a skin softener to help you get rid of hard and dry skin conditions. Pour some coconut oil on your palms and rub them gently against each other once or even twice. Then apply the oil on whatever part of your body you’d like to see its moisturizing effect.

    Even more, one of the benefits of coconut oil is its effectiveness for cracked and hardened feet which may occur as a result of excessive cold or rigorous work that requires being on your feet for a long time. Applying coconut oil to the affected area will not completely eradicate the problem, but the skin in the affected area will become softer within few days.

  • Coconut Oil Benefits as Lip Gel

  • Lip cracks can easily trigger discomfort, be a source of concern, and even make you feel embarrassed in certain situations. If you decide to apply chemical gel on your lips, you may end up consuming some particles of the gel unconsciously – even when you’re aware that they are toxic. 

    Though some types of gel are safe for consumption, you shouldn’t make the mistake of having them go down your throat. That in mind, coconut soothing oil is an absolutely safe and healthier alternative. 

    Coconut oil is more effective than lip gels and if you ever swallow any amount of it for whatever reason, you know it won’t harm you.

  • Coconut Oil Benefits for Skin Disorder 

  • Coconut oil contains a significant level of vitamin E which enhances skin health. This is why the oil is effective for several skin disorders like acne, eczema, and psoriasis. Do keep in mind that studies are still ongoing to either ascertain or deny these claims. But even so, since coconut oil contains protein, it helps in the restoration of sick or dying cells that is caused by several skin disorders. This is also why the oil can heal skin damaged skin tissue as well as visible marks on the skin.

  • Coconut Oil as An Anti-aging Cream 

  • Coconut oil has anti-aging properties. This is thanks to its tendency to slow down water loss from the skin. Some of the oil’s anti-aging properties include the ability to boost your levels of collagen, help with wound healing, act as an emollient, humectant, antioxidant, as well as reduce skin inflammation.