5 Hand Care Routine Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle 

Why is having an effective hand care routine so important for a healthy lifestyle? 

Studies have shown that up to 80% of communicable diseases are transmitted by touch. So, how often do you touch your hands? On the average, you can touch up to 300 surfaces in less than one hour exposing you to more than 800,000 germs including COVID-19. 

To help you stay protected during this pandemic and beyond, we’ve compiled practical and effective hand care routine you can adopt for a healthier and germ-free lifestyle: 

5 Hand Care Routine Tips for Healthy Living 

Keep your hands clean 

Healthy living starts with keeping your hands clean to eliminate germs. This includes keeping your nails short and dirt free. Hand washing using soap and water (or a liquid hand wash) is one of the most effective methods of keeping your hands clean. Our Hawaiian Lavender Soap, with it’s nourishing shea butter and purifying Lavender Essential Oil is a great choice and a luxurious addition to your daily bathing regimen! But only about 5% of people wash their hands appropriately. When you can’t wash your hands with soap and water everywhere you are, you can use a hand sanitizing spray anywhere, but be sure to shake well first, spray, then rub into fingers and hands until they are completely dry.

Exfoliate your hands 

Scrubbing dead skin and dirt away from your hands should be a key part of your hand care routine. Exfoliating your hands will get rid of dead cell build-up and deep-rooted dirt from your skin leaving it softer and smoother. That in mind, our Maui Organics Body Polishes are perfect for hand exfoliation. The Kona Coffee Chocolate Polish is especially amazing, or the other Tropical Flavors like our Maui Pineapple and POG (Pineapple Orange Guava).   

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Moisturize your hands 

Moisturizing your hands may seem like what you always do as a typical hand care routine. It’s on this list just in case you’re considering skipping it. Moisturizing your hands with a good hand cream prevents the skin at the back of your hands from wrinkling. It also makes it easier for your hands to absorb moisture. You should consider choosing a hand moisturizer that doubles as a sunscreen. You can opt for one with at least SPF 15 for a better protection against the UV rays of the sun. 

Trim your nails frequently 

Germs are known for hiding under the nails making it easier to contaminate anything you touch especially foods. Trimming your nails frequently should be a key part of your hand care routine. It can help you prevent ingrown nails and germs from spreading around you especially bacteria infections. If you like keeping your nails long, trimming them every now and then will help them grow better and healthier. More so, you should consider using a nail filer rather than a cutter to prevent breaking your nails. This makes it easier for you to choose whatever length you prefer without using unnecessary force. After trimming, you can use the Hawaiian Lavender Trio with Purifying Hand Cleansing Spray to keep your hands germs-free. 

Be careful with your cuticles 

You should be careful when using a cuticle trimmer to avoid damaging your cuticles. More so, cuticles are important for protecting your nails. 

Taking good care of your cuticles should be an important aspect of your hand care routine. If you’re worried about having dried cuticles, you shouldn’t hesitate to start applying oil. Cuticle oil makes your nails appear healthier. All of our three Maui Miracle Oils (Tamanu, Kukui and Coconut) are absolutely perfect for using as a cuticle oil (the Kukui Nourishing Oil is especially amazing). 

Also the oils make the skin around the nails stronger and hydrates them too. Even more, many of the cuticle oils currently available in the market are rich in nutrients and minerals that rejuvenate the nails. The Hawaiian Hands Duo (Hawaiian Lavender) is antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic, making it a suitable spray for your hands before your cuticles treatment, while our new Lemongrass Rosemary Cleansing Spray is ideal for inactivating viruses, refreshing, nourishing, purifying and cleansing the hands after your treatment.