Hawaiian Awapuhi Benefits for Hair and Skin

If you’ve gone hiking around Hawaii, then you might have come across a curious-looking plant with a bright, beautiful bloom. That plant is actually a type of ginger. Locally known as Awapuhi or "shampoo ginger", this plant is used as an all-around medicinal plant. But did you know that this variety of ginger is the locals’ secret for luscious hair and healthy skin? Read on to find out about the Hawaiian Awapuhi benefits.

What is Awapuhi?

Awapuhi or "shampoo ginger" is closely related to the ginger we use in the kitchen. And while the ginger we’re familiar with has several healing abilities, those properties are primarily in the root. Instead, the Awapuhi credits its beautifying benefits on the flower. To be exact, the extract from the flower.

The Awapuhi essence is a ginger-scented liquid that is taken from the flower of the plant. Hawaiians traditionally used this liquid as shampoo, body wash, and conditioner. They would squeeze the flower until the clear ooze came out of it. 

But even though the locals have used it for centuries, it is not native to the island. Polynesians brought it over as a medicinal plant from Southeast Asia. Still, this plant has cemented its part in traditional Hawaiian beauty care.

Hair Benefits

Hawaiians are known for their long locks. The women especially grow their hair out, with lengths reaching their waists or sometimes even longer than that. And they have Awapuhi to thank for that. 

That’s because the plant’s extract contains properties that can make hair smooth and shiny. Traditional Hawaiians would apply the freshly-squeezed juice directly to their hair. It even produces suds similar to shampoo, hence the name shampoo ginger. 

The Hawaiian Awapuhi benefits your hair if it’s dry and damaged by repairing it. It also helps with dandruff and nourishes the scalp, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Not only that, long-term use of Awapuhi improves hair growth and protects it from damage.

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Skin Benefits

Because of ginger’s tissue-repairing properties, the Hawaiian Awapuhi benefits also apply to our skin. If it can make our hair look lustrous, it’ll do the same to our complexion. 

If you have dry skin, using a product with Awapuhi, like a ginger based cologne or body wash, would work wonders. It replenishes your skin’s natural moisture, making it soft. Plus, moisturized skin makes you look younger so it also works as an anti-aging ingredient.

Alternatively, slather body butter with Awapuhi onto your skin for the ultimate moisturizing experience and soothing relief after a day in the sun.

Hawaiian Awapuhi Benefits

Because of its many benefits, it’s no wonder then that this simple plant is a popular ingredient in many body care products in Hawaii. So if you’re eager to try out products with the Hawaiian Awapuhi as an ingredient, visit www.islandessence.com

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