Island Essence: Offering Sustainable Skincare Products from Hawaii

Sustainability is the new trend in today's beauty scene. Climate change and environmental damage have loomed over us for decades now. Many scientists have warned us that the planet is dying and that we should do something about it. And while major corporations have yet to do their part considering how they are the major contributors, we individuals can't just stand by and watch it unfold. That's why sustainability and eco-friendliness have been important factors for today's consumers in deciding what to buy. It applies even to cosmetics and skincare products.

Island Essence and Sustainability

Maui is a beautiful tropical paradise. But since tourists only see the beauty over here, it might be hard to imagine that this environment is suffering too. Still, even the Valley Isle is not exempt from the environmental damage our planet experiences.

As individuals, we have our ecological responsibilities to help in our way. And we at Island Essence recognize the need for eco-friendly business practices, especially with the increasing number of environmentally conscious consumers.

That's the reason for the recent launch of the Eco Refills line.

Eco refills are an excellent alternative for environmentally conscious customers. They can save on the products while helping reduce the plastic being produced. Less plastic production means fewer resources being used. It also means less waste we make that would usually end up in oceans anyway.

So how do eco refills work? They're simple. Many skincare products like lotions and body washes are packaged in plastic bottles. Usually, once you run out of these products, you would have to buy a brand new bottle from the store. The old container would have to be thrown away even though it can still be reused. It's plastic waste like these that takes years to break down and only end up taking space in landfills. But with Island Essence's sustainable skincare products from Hawaii, you can buy a gallon of eco refill of your favorite body lotion or shampoo at a discounted price. You can then reuse the original bottle you purchased the first time. And because they come in gallon containers, they can last for quite a while before you would need to buy another refill. You'll be saving both your money and the environment at the same time.

Sustainable Eco Refills for Skincare Products

Did you know you can take care of your skin AND help save the environment? We choose carefully the ingredients that we use in our products, making sure they’re the best quality ingredients. And with the newly launched eco refill line, they make for the best sustainable skincare products from Hawaii.

If you're a fan of our Maui Organics line, you'll be delighted to hear that eco refills are available for them like the Plumeria Lotion! Or if you're looking to refill your favorite island essence body wash like the Vintage Lavender Body Wash.

Sustainable Skincare Products from Hawaii - Island Essence

At this point in time, we're hoping that sustainable skincare products from Hawaii aren't just a trend that most people are hopping on the bandwagon for. Ideally, we should be practicing eco-consciousness daily. Eventually, it can turn into a helpful habit that benefits the present and the future. For now, if you fully support the practice of using eco refills, then click here to buy an eco refill of your favorite Island Essence skincare product.