The Most Charming Qualities of a Pineapple Candle

Did you know that a Pineapple candle can enrich the peacefulness of your home without affecting your indoor-air quality? 

Maui Pineapple Candles can enhance the calmness of your home without giving away your indoor-air quality and safety. This is why Maui Pineapple Candles are good for your health. The candle creates a calm atmosphere that can help in reducing stress and anxiety, unlike several other candles that can increase indoor air pollution.

Maui Pineapple Candles are pleasant aroma candles suitable for traveling across the world. They contain fragrance oils such as the Hawaiian fragrance oils that can help you maintain a positive mood. More so, fragrance oils are aromatherapeutic in nature.

Flickering Maui pineapple candles beautify the atmosphere and create ambiance. Even more, as scented candles, Maui Pineapple Candles do more than just relieve anxiety and stress, they can enhance your level of concentration.

Pineapple candles fragrances are sweet, juicy, and fresh. This makes the candle a remarkable way to add an exceptional fragrance to your space and to get rid of unpleasant odors.

However, what are the key qualities of pineapple candles that make them top-quality candles and one of the most sought-after in the candle niche?

pineapple candle qualities  

Best Qualities of a Pineapple candle

Asking what makes a top-quality candle will draw a wide range of responses from various people. Nonetheless, for professional candle makers, what makes a candle exceptional is reflected in the following five qualities:

 A good Pineapple candle must contain clean, quality wax

The foundation of every candle starts with the wax it is made up of. More so, a top-quality wax does not go without quality for any reason. This means pineapple candles are produced without settling for less. Some of the top-quality waxes available today include beeswax, soy, as well as paraffin oil.   

A top-quality wick is a must for a great candle

Making candles with top-quality wick requires selecting the right size. This ensures that the candle does not tunnel. More so, using a top-quality wick ensures you have a consistent flame size, a balanced temperature, as well as very little to no carbon left over. A top-quality wick is lead free which means it is safe.

Pineapple candles do not contain any harmful substances

Pineapple candle uses the best oils you can find anywhere for candle making. As a scented candle, it scatters and lasts for as long as possible. Pineapple candles don't rely on toxic substances to smell nice. Rather, it uses high-quality fragrance oils. In fact, pineapple candles are produced with candle wax from Oahu and mixed with Hawaiian fragrance oils. This makes the candle suitable for home use and while on a trip.

A Pineapple candle can be housed in a heat proof container

No one should get burned just by touching the container of their candle. This is why pineapple candles are enclosed inside containers that are heat proof. Since candles are only expected to provide a dose of warmth, it is important to do away with containers that are susceptible to burning and cracking.

 Great candles are made up of all 4 qualities

A good candle is a combination of all four top qualities above. For example, creating a candle with a clean wax won’t do any good if the wick is poor. Also, getting the fragrance you want won’t make any difference is it’s not safe for you. This means a combination of one or two good qualities is not enough to make a great candle. Rather, you need one with all four characteristics to have a great product for the best lighting experience. This is why our Maui pineapple candle is especially created just for you!