The Best Aromatherapy Oils in Maui

Aromatherapy is a powerful alternative medicine that utilizes essential oils to improve your overall health and mood. Investing in aromatherapy oils in Maui can provide you with therapeutic benefits that can help alleviate underlying health issues such as anxiety, stress, and sleep problems. But which Hawaiian essential oils offer blessings and healing to your body? Find out which in this article. 

aromatherapy oils maui

Best-Selling Hawaiian Aromatherapy Oils 

Island Essence is your go-to source for high-quality aromatherapy oils, perfect for those seeking relaxation and a calmer state of mind. Our extensive collection of essential oils includes products designed to increase focus, boost energy levels, and provide powerful healing benefits. Explore our range of essential oils and experience the natural power of aromatherapy today.

Hawaiian Aromatherapy Oil 4-Piece Travel Kit

Immerse yourself in the ultimate aromatherapy experience with our Hawaiian Aromatherapy Oil 4 Piece Travel Kit. This exceptional aromatherapy oil in Maui is perfect for use on pulse points, in the bath, or for massage. Our travel kit includes four 1oz bottles of Hawaiian Aromatherapy oils crafted from the finest ingredients on the island. So treat yourself or a loved one to this luxurious and rejuvenating aromatherapy experience today.

Hawaiian Aromatherapy Oil - Four Varieties

Discover a world of different essential oils with our Hawaiian Aromatherapy Oil - Four Varieties. This set offers four distinct aromas perfect for energizing, uplifting, grounding, and revitalizing your body after a long day. Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of these premium essential oils and experience their soothing effects on your mind, body, and soul.

Hawaiian Aromatherapy Travel Collection in a Oneloa Wet/Dry Bag

Are you looking for a beautiful and thoughtful gift for yourself or a loved one? Then, the Hawaiian Aromatherapy Travel Collection with Oneloa Wet/Dry Bag is a perfect gift. This collection features four essential oils and mists in your wet or dry bag. Experience the healing power of aromatherapy oils in Maui with the Pele, Aina, Mana, and Kai blends. This travel collection treats you or someone special to the ultimate self-care experience.

Hawaiian Aromatherapy Oil & Mist Duos

The best duo is here! The Hawaiian Aromatherapy Oil & Mist Duos are the perfect essential oils for massage as they perfectly soothe your skin. Our oils are perfect for a sun treatment and will leave your skin feeling nourished and rejuvenated all day.

Hawaiian Aromatherapy Aina Oil & Mist in a Green Tropical Bag

The beautiful collection of aromatherapy oils in Maui will be a great purchase if you want to relieve the pain you are feeling after work. The Hawaiian Aromatherapy Aina Oil & Mist in a Green Tropical Bag offers you the best of our collection and a Onelea bag, perfect for the tropical summer heat in Hawaii.

Ocean Aromatherapy and Sea Salt Chocolate Gift Basket

Nothing compares to a gift basket from Island Essence. Our Ocean Aromatherapy and Sea Salt Chocolate Gift Basket pay homage to the ocean that surrounds the Hawaiian islands. The product collection is displayed in a lauhala basket, perfect for gift-giving. So if you are thinking of gifting someone, this gift basket is worth it.


Indeed, aromatherapy oils in Maui are of excellent quality. It gives a relieving feeling to anyone who uses it. At Island Essence, we are delighted to help you improve your health using our essential oils. So if you are interested in trying out our products, contact us here.