The Bestest Candle Maker....ever!

Candle making is a multi-multi step process. Our candles are made in small batches and come in many fabulous colors and fragrances. But Island Essence did not just get any candle maker: we got a creative genius, shortcut hacker, problem solver, computer-chip brain extraordinare!
Sheena is talented in whatever she does, but candle making is her forte. She is also especially valuable when I trudge in on Monday mornings (with or without coffee).
Hey Sheena, what color bottles are we using for the Men’s collection now?”
“The brown imperials.”
“Ok thanks! Uh…where did we put the 8oz imperial bottle bins now?”
“Right side closet, on the bottom.”
“Oh..and what --?
“Gold caps.”
“Thanks Sheena.”
This conversation (or ones just like it), happens everyday (hey! I’m 64 years old! My short-term memory spark plugs are not always in a sparking mood).
But I digress…the candle making process. Wax and fragrances are mixed and melted together.
While that is happening, the candle tins are laid out and made ready. The fragrances rise up from the pots and make its way through out our factory. Plumeria: so sweet, Mango-Coconut: yummy, Pikake: subtle and fragrant, Pineapple: warning! this fragrance will make you happy and hungry! Once melted, the wax is poured into the tins half-way.
Then the wicks are placed in the middle. There is a several hour wait for the wax to almost harden. During that time, Sheena checks to make sure the wicks are perfectly centered. The second pouring is done and the candles are left overnight to be permanently hardened.
Next day, the candles are checked over for any spilled drops (hey, its Sheena, so this hardly happens), then labeled, covered and ready for your order.
And there are benefits to burning candles:
Candles create a warm and welcoming environment. The warm and coziness of candlelight can chase away the stresses and worries of your day.
Candles encourage calmness. Switch of your harsh overhead lights and light up a candle. Tranquility…peace are naturally created with that little flicker of light.
Aromatherapy: your favorite fragrance can bring back that special memory from your happy place.
Sleep: I’ve read that by lighting your room with candles only, you are giving your brain a natural trigger to sleep.
And let’s not forget about lighting your bathtub with candlelight. Our convenient size candle were made for just such an experience (or tucking into your suitcase for candle benefits on the go).
I hope you will try one of our fun and fragrant candles and let us know how you like it! Order before September 1, 2019 and use the discount code: AntyCandle for 15% off any candle in the factory. Help us make your happy place: pick a fragrance and let the lighted candle do the rest.
(PLEASE! PLEASE! Follow the instructions on the bottom of the tin.)
A Hui Hou,
Anty Kalei