The Mad Scientist of Island Essence

It’s October of last year and the day starts innocently enough. We all show up for work and say good morning. Our production manager, Shannon, mother of four (plus assorted well-loved animal Ohana members), coordinates what we need to do for the day. We all go to our stations in the factory and begin….

Then: “did you know about the benefits of charcoal?” asks Shannon.

“Dunno,” I shrug.

“Well..” and rapidly rolls off a list that I know I won’t remember a half an hour from now (hey, I’m 63 and my short-term-memory is very short term). But she persists.

Activated Charcoal comes from healthy and sustainable sources: coconut shells and husks as well as other nut shells. It can absorb toxins thousands of time its own weight and can render them harmless. It’s still used in hospitals and veterinary facilities. This amazing element can eliminate bad breath and other bad odors as well as assist with certain types of indigestion. Activated charcoal is harmless if inhaled or if a small amount is swallowed.

“Teeth- whitening,” I hear as she walks into her “lab” and continues her research.

A few days later we receive a delivery of, you guessed it, activated charcoal. Shannon receives the box and quickly makes her way into her workspace. The next week, the scent of peppermint permeates from her station. Squares of black soap shows up first, then a scrub and last (but certainly not least) a charcoal, peppermint facial masque. And though our new charcoal-peppermint collection is made of healthful and basic ingredients (glycerin, activated charcoal and peppermint essential oils), there is still the testing period that lasts for a few weeks (free soap “samples” for us…woot!).

Finally, the designing and ordering of the labels for our new product and chee-whoo! Our Island Essence Charcoal/Peppermint line is born!

The last week in December, Shannon comes into our factory. “Went to a party…” I hear. “The scent of Maile…wonderful,” she heads back into her lab and we hear the clinking of beakers and inhale the scents of essential and fragrance oils. The Mad Scientist of Island Essence is on a roll (again!).

p.s. stay tuned for our upcoming attraction: The Maile Collection.