Kona Coffee Tropical Flavor Body Polish


Introducing a new fragrance made just for our Maui Organics Body Polish Line, our Kona Coffee Polish will awaken your skin and senses.

The Body Polish: Exfoliating sea salt and hydrating oils provide intense moisturizing while offering soothing relief. Made with top quality, natural and organic ingredients, including essential oils sourced in Hawaii.  2.5 oz.

The Fragrance: Crisp, bright and nutty with a hint of sweetness.

The Story: Kona coffee beans are responsible for some of the most prized coffees in the world, valued for their mild, subtle, yet complex flavors. Back in 1828, Samuel Reverend Ruggles planted the very first coffee tree in the Kona District of Kailua-Kona, watching it grow from a piece of a tree originated in Oahu into a coffee empire. By 1899, nearly 3 million coffee trees had grown throughout the region. The first written mention of coffee in Kona was noted in 1840. Coffee was planted in several locations around the Big Island but was best suited to the Kona district. A few coffee fields are now in production outside Kona, but the vast majority of coffee is grown in Kona.

Ingredient Spotlight: Kona Coffee provides the beautiful fragrance and exfoliating qualities in this polish as well as the caffeine which improves circulation and reduces the appearance of cellulite

List of Ingredients: Salts (including Hawaiian Sea Salt), Organic Aloe Oil, Safflower Oil, Kona Coffee, Essential Oil (Sourced in Hawaii), Fragrance Oil and FDA Color

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