Royal Ali’i Coconut Lotion & Polish Duo


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Feel like Hawaiian Royalty with our Royal Ali’I Coconut Body Polish, and Coconut Body Crème…

Fragrance: Our coconut fragrance is exotic, fresh, sweet, soft and creamy. It’s the official fragrance of summer.

The Story: The warm climate and ideal soil make Hawaii a perfect home for coconut trees to flourish. The versatility of the coconut’s exterior and interior made it a staple piece for building, nutrition and skincare...and continues to do so till this day. Polynesian women have used coconuts for centuries as a beauty treatment for skin. After extensive research, it is clear that these women knew the great skin benefits that can come from the use of coconuts. Coconut oil is now a renowned name in the beauty industry with plentiful skin benefits.

Ingredients Spotlight: Please see individual items for full product details.

Collection Includes: Our Royal Ali’I Coconut Collection  includes a 5oz Royal Ali’i Coconut Body Polish and a 8.5oz Royal Ali’I Coconut Body Crème.

Royal Ali’i Coconut Body Polish: Be prepared to fall in love when you experience the heady fragrance of our body polish! The exotic aroma of the finely shredded coconut combined with the exfoliating sea salt will remind  you of the beach, a freshly opened coconut and sand-covered toes. After one treatment your skin will be soft, smooth, and lightly scented with the tropical fragrance of Hawaii’s coconuts.

Royal Ali’i Coconut Body Creme: Before you head out for the day, make sure to lather on our Royal Ali’i Coconut Body Creme. Everywhere you go, you will bring the sweet aroma of Hawaii with you. Mixed with Shea Butter, this creme will moisturize and hydrate your skin, leaving your body feeling soft and silky.

*Packaging Notice:  Please excuse us--due to supply issues, we are having to transition out of our gold lids for the body butters.  Gold lids will be used while supplies last, then eventually we will be using black lids.  In the interim, there may be another type of lid used while we get our stocks back to normal.  Thank you so much for your patience.


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