Sisal Soap Saver and Maui Organics Confetti Soap


The Collection:  Includes an eco-friendly sisal soap saver and your favorite Maui Organics Confetti Soap--.  Transform your daily bathing or showering into a Hawaiian spa ritual!

The Soap Saver:  Replace plastic loofahs forever with this natural, eco-friendly pouch--the natural way to enjoy an invigorating scrub and lather!   Simply insert your favorite bar of soap, or even leftover small soap pieces, secure with the drawstring and go!  Sourced from a small company in the United States.  5x3.5"

The Soap:  Scroll below to choose from eight different Maui Organics Confetti Soaps--or get a handful!  These 5oz natural soaps cleanse gently and smell like Hawaii.  All handcrafted in Maui with Aloha.  Choose from Pacific Ocean Passion, Island Mango, Upcountry Plumeria, Hawaiian Coconut, Big Island Vanilla, Pikake Lei, Maui Pineapple or Tahitian Gardenia.

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