Maile Rainforest Candle


Take the intoxicating scent of Maile wherever you go with this beautiful candle.  3-4 hours of fragrant burning time with each candle.  Our candles are hand poured and supplied in a tin with lid--perfect for traveling!

The Maile Rainforest Collection is based on the beautifully unique and fresh house fragrance added to custom treatments that we supply to premier Hawaiian spas.

The Fragrance: Clean, fresh, woodsy, with a pure, slightly sweet, green fragrance--all the stripping and twirling of the vine during harvest releases a chemical in the Maile called coumarin, a compound also found in vanilla grass, which gives the plant its signature smell.

The Story:  Maile grows in a wide variety of habitats in Hawaii from dryland to wet forests, from sea level to elevations above 6,500 feet. You can find maile on nearly all of the Hawaiian Islands, most abundantly in undeveloped areas like rainforests.

Ingredient Spotlight: Maile Fragrance Oil:  The beautiful, high quality Maile Fragrance Oil we use in our candles is sourced in Hawaii and creates a fresh, green and woodsy atmosphere.

Ingredients:  Paraffin Wax (sourced in Hawaii), Maile Fragrance Oil (Hawaii)

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