Hawaiian Aromatherapy Oil & Mist Duos

The Hawaiian Aromatherapy Oil and Mist Duo: Our Hawaiian Aromatherapy line was created using ancient Hawaiian principles and the finest ingredients available. Island Essence celebrates the deep connection Hawaiians have with nature with just the perfect blend of oils to revitalize (Kai/Ocean), ground (Aina/Earth), uplift (Mana/Air), and energize (Pele/Fire). The Hawaiian Aromatherapy Oils are excellent for massage, a soothing bath experience, or simply apply to wrists, temples and the soles of your feet for immediate relief and a sense of wellness.  Use the Hawaiian Aromatherapy Mists to refresh and moisturize your face all day long. Excellent after sun treatment. Especially invigorating kept chilled in the fridge!  4.5oz each.

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