Hawaiian Coconut Hand Spray & Lotion Duo


The Duo: This set includes our "Must-Have" Hawaiian Coconut Hand Cleansing Spray and hand lotion--each 2oz, so perfect for your purse or flight bag to keep your hands clean and moisturized while you are on the go.

The Hand Cleansing Spray: With 63% alcohol, this 2oz spray is just what you need to ensure you are safe on the go. Island Essence Hand Sprays are shortlisted as, "Must-Have Hand Sanitizers," by Hawaii Magazine, September 2020.  Now boosted with 63% isopropyl alcohol and infused with Organic Aloe Veral Oil and Hawaiian Coconut Fragrance, this fragrant hand spray will inactivate viruses, refresh, nourish, purify and cleanse the hands without water.

The Hand Lotion: Our rich, hydrating lotion provides intense moisturizing anytime. Made with top quality natural and organic ingredients, including essential oils sourced in Hawaii.  The 2oz. Hand Lotion will help keep your hands soft and hydrated no matter how often you wash your hands. 

The Fragrance: Mildly nutty, fresh, creamy, sweet and soft –the fragrance of sitting on a beach in Hawaii, palm trees swaying, Pina Colada in hand!

The Story: Close your eyes and think of Hawaii:  we are pretty certain your image includes coconut trees swaying over white sandy beaches lapped by blue waves! Coconut trees were absolutely vital to ancient Polynesians as building material, food, drink, and medicine. Anty Kalei writes “In ancient Hawaiian tradition, a coconut was planted when a child was born.

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