Kukui Nut Nourishing Oil & Soap


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The Fragrance: Like being bundled up in front of a campfire, stargazing on Mt Haleakala--a subtle, nutty aroma with a dash of vanilla that warms your body, mind and spirit.

The Story: Anty Kalei says, “The official tree of the state of Hawai’i, the Kukui tree is easy to spot in our tropical rain forest. Its pale green-silver leaves stand out against the rest of the dark foliage. Known to grow over 50 feet in height, the Kukui tree is dotted with small white flowers and clumps of green pods the size of golf balls, which when open contains the actual kukui nut. 

Medicinally the Kukui plant, when properly prepared by a Kāhuna Lā’au Lapa’au (Hawaiian priest of medicine), has many uses. At Island Essence we have taken the oil of the Kukui Nut to use as a wonderful massage oil or as a moisturizing addition to a bath. It is also great for nails, as an aftershave and moisturizer for those extra cold, dry days.”  See more on the Kukui Tree and its miraculous nut oil on Anty Kalei’s Blog, “Anty Kalei Talks Story—Hawaii’s Tree of Light.”

Ingredient Spotlight: Vanilla Essential Oil: We source our vanilla essential oil from the Big Island. The essential oil of vanilla is extracted from fermented vanilla beans. The many healthy benefits of using vanilla essential oil include acting as an antioxidant (fighting free radicals), an antidepressant, a relaxant, a sleep aid, and an inflammation soother...

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