Coconut Oil & Soap Gift Bag


The Gift:  A beautiful gift for every occasion, this is from our best-selling Maui Miracle Oil Collection. The Soothing Coconut Oil & Soap Gift Collection has your favorite Maui Miracle Oil and Soap Duo in a beautiful Blue & Green Palm Leaf Wet/Dry Bag by Oneloa.

The Bag: The Oneloa small teal banana leaf bag is a heavy duty plastic-lined bag. Perfect for keeping your stuff dry at beach or pool as it is splashproof--or for stashing a wet swimsuit! One of our favorite uses is for traveling and we also love to store toiletries and make-up in these bags. Size is 6' x 9.'  Oneloa is a small, family-owned company that makes its products here in Maui.

The Oil and Soap:  Coconut Soothing Oil contains natural and organic oils, including Organic Coconut Oil--all chosen for their high levels of antioxidants, and effective skin conditioning properties. The Coconut Soothing Soap is a natural, Hawaiian bath and body soap, infused with Organic Coconut Oil, and hand poured.  This 5oz soothing soap is a gentle cleanser that moisturizes your skin.

The Fragrance: is mildly nutty, fresh, creamy and sweet.

The Story:  Coconut Oil has been at the center of Polynesian culture, traveling with the ancient navigators throughout the islands.  Anty Kalei says in her blog, “If there was one plant that meant life or death for the ancient Polynesian voyagers, it would certainly be the niu (coconut). The naturally stored fruit or nut of the niu provided both food and drink for these seafarers. Once they found land and settled, the coconut would provide housing, shade, furniture, baskets, cordage, clothing, even medicine.”  See more on the history of niu in “Voyaging Plants of Ancient Hawaiians—Niu (Coconut).  Coconut Oil is truly a miracle oil—excellent for sunbathing, everyday hydration, after shaving, as a massage oil, and more

Ingredient Spotlight: Organic Coconut Oil:  just a few of the top benefits of Organic Coconut Oil include prevention of premature aging due to antioxidant properties, smooths and rejuvenates skin with its proteins, hydrates with its composition of saturated fats and prevents cracked skin with its Vitamin E content.

Free Gift Message Option:  On request, we are happy to include a free handwritten message on a gift tag--simply enter your message in the note section on checkout. 

Sending to a Friend:  We are happy to send any gift(s) directly to the recipient, but each gift needs to be a separate order so the correct shipping and shipping details are applied.  There will be no pricing enclosed with the gift--just a packing slip (no prices).  Mahalo for sharing the aloha!

Additional Gift Option:  To make this gift even more special, consider adding a Kukui Nut Lei to this basket.  This is a traditional style lei, often worn at weddings and during dance performances--and worn by both men and women.  Simply add the Kukui Nut Lei to your order (only $9.50) and on checkout in the notes section, ask us to add to the basket contents. 

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