Maui Miracle Oil Soaps


The Miracle Oil Soaps:  These natural, Hawaiian bath and body soaps are infused with one of our Maui Miracle Oils:  Tamanu (Kamani) Nut, Kukui Nut, Coconut, or Moringa Seed. The 5oz soaps are hand poured in Maui and will gently cleanse and moisturize--and provide extra healing, nourishing, soothing or hydration.

The Fragrance: Tamanu Healing Soap:  beautifully warm and nutty…what we imagine the smell of sunshine to be, on Poipu Beach, Kauai. Kukui Nourishing Soap:   a subtle, nutty aroma with a dash of vanilla.  Coconut Soothing Soap:  mildly nutty, fresh, creamy, sweet and soft –the fragrance of sitting on a beach in Hawaii, palm trees swaying, Pina Colada in hand!  Moringa Hydrating Soap:  the luxurious scent of almonds--soft, sweet and nutty.

The Story: Each soap features one of the beautifying oils that can be harvested from trees growing here in Hawaii.   Tamanu Nut Oil comes from Tamanu trees which flourish in Hawaii's salty air and sandy soil.  Hawaii's state tree, the Kukui Tree, is the source for our Kukui Nut Oil.  Coconut Oil of course comes from the Coconut trees that have been at the center of Polynesian culture, traveling with the ancient navigators throughout the islands.  The coconut tree provided food, drink, housing, shade, furniture, baskets, cordage, clothing, medicine, and self-care.   Moringa Seed Oil comes from the seeds of the Moringa tree, also known as the "Miracle Tree"--each part of this tree  is valued for nutritional and pharmaceutical properties.

Ingredient Spotlight:  Tamanu Nut Oil is rich in fatty acids, and many beneficial compounds, which enhance skin and offer many potential health benefits such as treating scars and stretch marks.  Kukui Nut Oil nourishes and protects the skin from harsh weather (sun, wind, etc.)  Coconut Oil is wonderful for sunbathing on skin, hair and nails, and very soothing for after-sun care too. Moringa Seed Oil is highly valued for its intensely hydrating and rejuvenating properties and for creating shiny hair and glowing skin.  

List of Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Safflower Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Tamanu Nut Oil (Hawaii) or Kukui Nut Oil (wild-harvested from Oahu) or Moringa Seed Oil, Fragrance Oil

Blogs:  For more info on the Kukui Tree and its miraculous nut oil on Anty Kalei’s Blog, “Anty Kalei Talks Story—Hawaii’s Tree of Light.”

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