Body Butter--8 Tropical Scents


The Body Butter in 8 Varieties: Rich, luxurious body butter provides the ultimate moisturizing experience and offers soothing relief after a day in the sun. Made with top quality natural and organic ingredients, including organic shea butter, cocoa butter and essential oils.  4oz.  Available in 8 popular island styles--choose one or more from the drop down menu!

Upcountry Plumeria: With a hint of Pikake, Upcountry Plumeria is soft, sweet, fruity and floral--the pikake adds an extra layer of complexity and strong floral notes.  Plumeria is the iconic lei flower of Hawaii, and is also known as Frangipane.  the Island girls are known plucking Plumeria blossoms straight off the tree and tucking them behind their ears…right for available, left for taken!

Island Mango With Sweet Natural Coconut, luscious and bursting with the fragrance of sultry, tropical nights!  Sweet, fruity, tropical, juicy mango, with a hint of mild, nutty coconut.  Mangoes were brought to Hawaii by a Filipino ship captain in 1824, Hawaii now grows 500 different varieties of mangoes.

Hawaiian Coconut Lotion:  With Organic Coconut Oil, this is the one for an intensely Hawaiian vacation in a bottle experience—palm trees swaying, sand between your toes, and a freshly split coconut or pina colada in hand!  The scent is mildly nutty, fresh, creamy, sweet, soft.  Coconut trees were absolutely vital to ancient Polynesians as building material, food, drink, and medicine. “In ancient Hawaiian tradition, a coconut was planted when a child was born!

Maui Pineapple:  With Sweet Orange--celebrates the signature fruit of Hawaii still being grown in golden fields in Hailemaile….juicy, delectable gorgeousness!  Sweet, juicy and fresh with an uplifting zesty note of orange.    Hawaii used to provide 80% of the world’s pineapples.  Still grown on Oahu and a small operation in Maui, the pineapple heyday in Hawaii is no longer—but the tropical pineapple still symbolizes Hawaii and its island hospitality.

Local Pikake Lei:  With Maile--perfect if you want to experience being bedecked with floral gorgeousness, with sweet-smelling leis up to your chin!  Pikake is complex, sweet, strong and floral while the addition of Maile adds the fresh, green notes of a rainforest.  Also known as tuberose, was loved by Princess Kaiulani so much, the Hawaiian name for the flower came from the Princess' favorite bird, the peacock.

Pacific Ocean Passion:  With Tropical Lemon and Lime,  this unisex favorite is fresh and tangy as an ocean breeze— popular with both kane and wahine.  The fresh, tropical citrus with coconut, lime and verbena scent is based on our Naupaka flower that grows abundantly mauka and makai--in the mountains and by the ocean.  Read Anty Kalei’s blog for the Naupaka Love Story for the beautiful associated Hawaiian legend.  

Big Island Vanilla:  With Fresh Island Coconut for an evocative, feel-good sensation with a twist of coconut…The fragrance is warm, sensual and sweet, and is also calming and uplifting.  Vanilla comes from a Vanilla Orchid which is a vine like plant that grows up trees and is the world's second most expensive spice.  The Hawaiian Vanilla Company in the Big Island of Hawaii is the first commercial grower in the United States.

Tahitian Gardenia:  With Awaphui, this is your chance to wear the unforgettable exotic scent of Gardenia or Tiare, the queen of all French Polynesian flowers.    Tahitian Gardenia or Tiare is the symbol of Tahitian culture and its people. Tiare is derived from “tiara” hinting at its royal history, and was reserved for the elite, to be owned and harvested only by royalty.  The chief’s oldest daughter would wear a crown of tiare to represent her purity. Today the tiare is a symbol of harmony, worn behind an ear or entwined into leis.

Ingredient Spotlight:

Organic Shea Butter—the concentration of natural vitamins and fatty acids makes it supremely nourishing and moisturizing for skin; reduces inflammation

Organic Jojoba Oil--similar to skin’s natural sebum, healing and moisturizing without greasiness

Organic Avocado Oil--nourishes, reduces signs of aging, treats sunburned skin

List of Ingredients: Island Essence Proprietary Emollient Concentrate, Palm Kernel Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Aloe Vera, Noni, Organic Lavender, Papaya, Organic Green Tea, Organic Avocado Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Kukui Nut Oil, Essential Oil (Hawaii), Vitamin E, Fragrance Oil

*Packaging Notice:  Please excuse us--due to supply issues, we are having to transition out of our gold lids for the body butters.  All lids are now black, regardless of the photos.  Mahalo for your patience.

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