Passionfruit & Lime Vintage Trio


The Trio: The Passionfruit & Lime Vintage Trio includes 3 of the top-selling items from this well-loved Collection:  Body Wash, Massage & Body Oil and Lotion. This is a full-size Vintage Trio, each product 8.5oz..

The Fragrance:.  Fresh, sweet, tart, intensely exotic, tropical citrus, fruity aroma. Lilikoi and Lime Fragrance Oil will leave your hair and skin as fragrant as Hawaii's delectable wild fruit.  the juicy, sweet/tart lilikoi or passionfruit grows wild in Hawaii.  The fragrance is a tropical, fruity aroma, enjoyed by wahine and kane alike.

The Story: The yellow passionfruit or lilikoi vine tends to be more vigorous and generally larger than the purple passionfruit. While the purple appears to grow better at higher elevations, 400 to 3,000 feet, the yellow fruit is best adapted to lower elevations, from sea level to 1,500 feet.

The Premium Body Wash: Healthy botanical extracts, including Papaya, Sea Kelp and Chamomile, will gently cleanse and refresh your skin.

The Premium Body Oil: Natural and Organic Oils will intensely moisturize and nurture your skin. Massage into the skin as a daily moisturizer, apply to nails for conditioning, use for an aromatherapy massage or add to your bath for an aromatic & moisturizing bath treatment.

The Premium Lotion: Vintage lotions celebrate the golden era of Hawaii and the luscious lilikoi.  Natural and organic ingredients combined with Passionfruit & Lime will leave your skin moisturized and as fragrant as Hawaii’s wild fruits.

The Story:  The Island Essence Vintage line of bath and beauty products was created in 2001 featuring the iconic artwork of the artist Gil (the look has been refreshed in 2019 but all the fragrances and ingredients are the same!).  Gil’s graceful artwork and the beautifully fragrant Vintage line celebrate the romance and nostalgia of a bygone era when traveling to the islands meant a long oversea luxury liner voyage or a courageously thrilling trip by air on a Pan Am Clipper.   All Vintage fragrances highlight the true paradise of earlier Hawaiian days, when life was slow and easy, swaying with the breeze like the exotic palm trees.

Add a Gift Bag:  If you are gifting these, make your gift extra special purchasing a large Oneloa wet/dry bag, available in the Hawaiian Lifestyle Bags section for $25.

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Lauhala Gift Baskets:  Traditional Hawaiian gift baskets made out of lauhala and tied with a bow are also available for purchase, to make this gift extra special.  Tied with a ribbon (ribbons vary).  Only $8.50--see listing under "gifts" tab.


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