Royal Ali’i Coconut Body Polish


The Polish:  Be prepared to fall in love when you experience the heady fragrance of our body polish! The exotic aroma of the finely shredded coconut combined with the exfoliating sea salt will remind  you of the beach, a freshly opened coconut and sand-covered toes. After one treatment your skin will be soft, smooth, and lightly scented with the tropical fragrance of Hawaii’s coconuts.

Directions: Use on its own or mix ⅓ lotion or oil to ⅔ scrub to hydrate the coconut flakes. Hydrated coconut exfoliates the skin while adding extra moisture.

Fragrance: Our coconut fragrance is exotic, fresh, sweet, soft and creamy. It’s the official fragrance of summer.

The Story: The warm climate and ideal soil make Hawaii a perfect home for coconut trees to flourish. The versatility of the coconut’s exterior and interior made it a staple piece for building, nutrition and skincare...and continues to do so till this day. Polynesian women have used coconuts for centuries as a beauty treatment for skin. After extensive research, it is clear that these women knew the great skin benefits that can come from the use of coconuts. Coconut oil is now a renowned name in the beauty industry with plentiful skin benefits.

Ingredient Spotlight: Calendula Flower Petals these rich yellow and orange color blossoms are beautiful and healing, fight inflammation and cancer cells, relax muscles (perfect for treating sore or injured muscles and menstrual cramps), and act as an antiseptic and antifungal to treat skin conditions.

List of Ingredients: Finely Shredded Coconut, Sea Salts, Calendula Flower Petals and Coconut Fragrance Oil (Hawaii)

Packaging:   Due to supply issues, this product now comes with a natural colored lid.  We apologize in advance and mahalo for your understanding.


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