Tropical Coconut Gift Basket


A perfect gift for the beach lover in your life. 

The Tropical Coconut Gift Basket has a Coconut Soothing Oil, Pacific Ocean Passion Candle and Haupia & Coconut Manoa Chocolate Bar displayed in a lauhala basket. 

The Oil: Coconut Soothing Oil contains natural and organic oils, including Organic Coconut Oil, chosen for their high levels of antioxidants, and effective skin conditioning properties. Coconut Oil was prized by Polynesians for its versatility including its many beautifying uses. Our Coconut Soothing Oil is truly a Miracle Oil...excellent for sunbathing, massaging, shaving, and superior hydration of skin, hair and nails. 

The Candle: Fresh and tangy as an ocean breeze, Pacific Ocean Passion is popular with both guys and gals. Light this wherever you are and be transported to Ho’okipa Beach, Maui! Island Essence travel candles are created with candle wax from Oahu and blended with Hawaiian-scented fragrance oils. Paradise awaits wherever you are. Enjoy at home or tuck in your suitcase to travel! 

The Chocolate: The Polynesians settlers brought coconut on their long voyage to Hawaii. It is known as a canoe plant - a crop essential for island living. The coconut provided a source of food, water, and useful crafting material. The Hawaiian word for coconut is niu, but the title of this bar "Haupia," refers to the popular Hawaiian desert made using the white meat of coconut fruit. 60% Vegan Milk dark chocolate is used to create this delectable, sweet treat.

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