5 Step Body Care Routine, by Island Essence

The recent increase in facial skincare products may have diverted many from giving as much attention to the rest of their body. But we at Island Essence are here to change that. Here, we’ll introduce you to a five-step body care routine that you can follow to give the rest of your body the care it deserves.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

5 Step Body Care Routine

STEP 1. Cleanse

body care routine

Body care begins in the shower and for a thorough body care routine, we always recommend that you look for gentle cleansers.

Look for products with moisturizing ingredients like shea butter and plant oils such as plumeria, argan, avocado, and olive. And keep away from alcohol if you can help it. Although they help with oily skin and body acne, they may have a drying effect on the skin.

STEP 2. Exfoliate

You may already know this with your facial skincare routine: how removing dead skin cells make way for brand new skin cells that will make your skin glow. So, it wouldn’t be so surprising if your body care routine would also include a little exfoliating too. For this task, some use products containing alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) or beta hydroxy acids (BHAs), which help in cleaning what the body wash didn’t, while others prefer the use of body scrubs. Our selection here at Island Essence includes:

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One thing to remember, though, after exfoliating is to always follow it up with sunscreen.

STEP 3. Shave

This bit will need plenty of preparation. We wouldn’t want any ingrown hairs or irritation right after.

To start, it’s best to hydrate and soften the hairs first. This could be accomplished by taking a soak in the tub or having a shower. We also recommend exfoliating first to bring the hairs completely out of the follicles, an important stage that will minimize the risk of ingrown hairs. Of course, only use a razor with multiple blades, always apply shaving gel, and don’t forget moisturizing afterwards.

STEP 4. Serum

Just like with your face, you don’t always have to apply serum to your body. It’s something that you can do every once in a while. For instance, thrice a week. What’s important here is you are giving your body the nutrients it needs to prevent the cell-destroying effects of the sun, pollution and smoke.

Go for antioxidants like Vitamin C and retinoids or Vitamin A. Look for rejuvenating ingredients to boost collagen production that improves your skin texture.

STEP 5. Moisturize

body care routine island essence

We can’t stress this enough: moisturize, moisturize, and moisturize!

First off, moisturizers help trap some water in your skin after taking a shower. This helps keep your skin hydrated all day long. Also, unlike with your face, you can actually get away with moisturizers with heavier ingredients. Of course, we recommend that while looking for moisturizing ingredients, try and look for all-natural ingredients like our moisturizers here at Island Essence.

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