Eco-Friendly Refillable Products from Hawaii

According to a study, only 9% of plastic produced has been recycled. This leaves a worrying 91% of the plastic that isn’t and instead is filling up the landfills and our oceans. Because of this, companies have adopted eco-friendlier ways of making their products. One way they’re doing that is offering refills of their products. Less plastic is being produced by this, meaning less waste will have to go drifting on our oceans, polluting it, and harming the wildlife. If you’re interested, here are some facts on eco-friendly refillable products from Hawaii.

Bath and body care products

Hawaii is a tropical paradise that is home to a great variety of flora that isn’t just for display, but also possess excellent beautifying properties. It is no wonder then that a lot of personal care products made there are all-natural and organic. They source as many ingredients as possible locally.

Many of them use plastic packaging still, but are slowly shifting their wares to be sustainable. Aside from reusable containers, many stores have begun offering eco-refills.

One such store is Island Essence. Our products are packaged in reusable plastic and we have recently launched an eco refill collection available to all our customers. Aside from the usual bath products, eco refills for lotions, crèmes, and hand sanitizers are now available in refill packaging. 


The beauty industry alone produces a lot of plastic waste every year for many different products. From lipstick tubes to sheet masks and every tiny superfluous thing in between, like those small plastic applicators.

Thankfully, many beauty brands have opted for the eco-friendly route as well. Many have designed their containers to be refill-friendly, so you can pop in at their store and have your lipstick refilled at a reduced cost. Or you can buy refill pods for your favorite foundation. That way you don’t have to buy another plastic compact.

Cleaning products

If you’re quite the clean freak, you may run out of cleaning supplies often. Or if it’s been a while since you’ve used them and they’ve already expired. So you go out and buy another big bulky plastic container of detergent or cleaning solution. Buying a big container might save you money in the long run, but at the cost of producing more plastic that will take hundreds of years to break down.

Luckily, some brands have taken up the eco-friendly refill initiative too. Stores in Hawaii, especially, have popped up that promote zero waste and eco-refills. By bringing your own container or buying one from their store, you can top up however much you want. Plus, this is a way cheaper alternative because refills come at a reduced cost. Not only that, some companies have even developed non-toxic formulas for their cleaning chemicals—a double win for keeping the homes and the planet cleaner.

Eco-Friendly Refillable Products from Hawaii

While we still have a long way to go in reducing the wastes we produce, the small steps we do today can have a long-lasting impact as long as we continue our eco-friendly efforts.

And suppose you’re looking for an eco-friendly option for your bath and body essentials. In that case, you can check out Island Essence’s new launch of eco refills for their vast array of products. Half-gallon refills for their oils, lotions, shampoos, conditioners and other products are now available. If you'd like to support our eco-friendly initiative, visit