What’s In A Spa Gift Set? Some Hawaii Spa Gift Set Ideas For You!

Were you thinking of making your own spa kit with your favorite products for an indulgent spa day? Or perhaps you want to make a spa gift set to send to a friend or loved one? For Hawaii spa gift set ideas, we have a few suggestions below on what to include in your set.

Bath Salts

When it comes to inexpensive ways of destressing, taking a nice, long bath is a good choice. You can practically feel the stress and tension melt away the moment you dip your body into the warm water. And to give it that spa-like feeling, some people add in bath salts to enhance their relaxing soaks in the tub. Bath salts have several benefits, including moisturizing the skin, easing muscle and joint pain, improves circulation, and, of course, relieves stress and anxiety. So make sure to include relaxing bath salts in your gift set.

Soap and Body wash

The great thing about baths is that you can relax and clean yourself simultaneously. That's why a soap bar or body wash is essential for a spa collection! Aside from being hygienic, look for handcrafted soap bars and washes with carefully selected ingredients. These ingredients can clean and nourish the skin. The result:  skin so soft to the touch with a lingering scent that will remind anyone of Hawaii.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Giving yourself a head massage while lathering natural shampoo onto your hair is a perfect addition to your home spa treatment. Head massages improve the circulation to your head and neck, promote hair growth, and even lower blood pressure! Plus, using hair products infused with natural oils brings additional benefits like coconut to prevent dry hair and make it stronger.

Body Butter or Lotion

Another spa essential is a bottle of fragrant body butter or lotion to hydrate the skin and keep it soft and supple. Using moisturizers like lotion or body butter are best after a bath because it serves as your skin’s barrier that prevents water loss to keep your skin hydrated. Plus, that extra barrier also keeps bacteria and germs out as extra protection. 

Scented Candles

Scented candles make for popular gifts, so why not include them in your gift basket? Not only that, aromatherapeutic candles are a great way to enhance the spa-at-home experience. Depending on the scent, these types of candles can improve one’s mood. Like lavender making you feel more relaxed or vanilla scents helping with relieving stress and anxiety. And for that Hawaiian touch, candles with scents like plumeria, coconut, or the ocean are also ideal.

Island Essence Spa Gift Sets

However, if you don’t have the time to look and shop around for the gift set, Island Essence has a variety of spa gift sets made with natural ingredients native to Hawaii and beneficial for the body. Like the Royal Ali’i Coconut Collection for the person who deserves a royalty-like spa treatment. There's also the Maile Collection, perfect for those who want to be transported to the rainforests of Hawaii as they do self-care. Or, if you’re looking for something unique, Island Essence also has the Volcanic Charcoal Collection for a refreshing treatment suitable for both men and women.

Hawaii Spa Gift Set Ideas

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