Benefits of Using a Plumeria Lotion from Hawaii

Plumeria lotions from Hawaii are skincare products containing the symbolic lei flower of the Hawaiian islands. The flower is also known as Frangipane, famous for its glamorous strong fragrance. Plumeria’s floral scents lasts longer than many others making it a preferable choice for perfumes, creams, and various lotions. 

Why choose Plumeria Lotion from Hawaii?

A plumeria lotion from Hawaii is a natural and exquisitely scented alternative to chemicals in skincare products. If you’re conscious about what goes into your skin and you’d like to maintain a clean, fresh, smooth, and beautifully scented skin, then a plumeria lotion from Hawaii should be your preferred choice. 

So, where can you get the highest quality plumeria products? We’ve thought about that too. Here’s a simple list of Plumeria lotions from Hawaii to choose from: 

Why are the above plumeria products so sought after? Not only is the fragrance exquisite, but the plumeria lotions contain organic oils including jojoba, sesame seed and avocado oil, as well as organic green tea and organic lavender extract. The plumeria oils contain skin enriching Kukui Nut Oil and Macadamia Nut Oil - both sourced in Hawaii. 

Plumeria oils such as the Vintage Plumeria Premium Body Oil and the Vintage Mango Coconut Premium Body Oil moisturize and nourish the skin. You can also apply these oils to your nails for conditioning, use them in hot oil treatment for hair care, and add them to your bath for a moisturizing bath treatment. These oils are also good for aromatherapy massage as a result of its healing properties and aroma. 

Other key plumeria products are plumeria soaps, such as the Upcountry Plumeria Loofah Soap and the Upcountry Plumeria Glycerine Soap with a Hint of Pikake. These soaps are easily absorbed into the skin, they enhance and nourish the skin and they are rich in antioxidants. More so, these soaps will keep you scented all day with the charming sweet smell of plumeria. 

Plumeria Lotion from Hawaii

Benefits of Using Plumeria Lotion for Skincare 

In addition to its beautifully scented aroma, plumeria is a leading ingredient in the skincare industry for several reasons. Here are some of the key benefits of using plumeria products:

Astringent: you can use plumeria oils for their astringent effects, rather than using synthetic astringents known for drying out skin.  

Soothes nerves and muscles: you can use plumeria as soap in bath water or in the form of massage oil to soothe your skin. Plumeria scents also trigger a calm and soothing feeling that relaxes your mind and muscles. 

Skin purifier: plumeria oil is effective for skin purification. The oil can eradicate excess grime without any effect on skin moisture. 

Anti-aging: constant use of plumeria products can reverse aging by making the skin less resistant to wrinkles triggered by oxidation and aging. 

Antioxidant: plumeria oil effectively protects the skin from oxidation to prevent rapid aging than what is expected by the genes. 

Moisturizes dry skin: plumeria is an effective moisturizer that penetrates and soothes the skin to reduce dryness. 

Anti-inflammatory: you can apply plumeria oil topically to heal external inflammations such as minor wounds, scars, sunburn, and irritations.